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Dear friends and colleagues

Giprogor is here for our current and prospective clients - to listen, to discuss and to apply our technical expertise, interdisciplinary insight and local experience to address complex challenges in new and better ways.

General Director
Mikhail Grudinin


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Strategic partnership with the Joint-stock company Russian institute of urban development and investment "Giprogor"- - the keystone to success of development of territories.


   Joint-stock company Russian institute of urban development and investment "Giprogor"- one of leaders institute of the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation.

   "Giprogor" traditionally projects the major objects erected in Russia, such as the Olympic Games in Sochi and Summit АТЭС in Vladivostok, supervises important strategic projects, as restoration of the Chechen republic, and today – South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

   Institute - the leading design organization of the country in the field of town-planning planning of territory of the Russian Federation, its regions and cities, inhabited, public, industrial and special economic zones and complexes, kurortno-recreational and nature protection territories. "Giprogor", created in October, 1929, has stored enormous experience (more than 800 general layouts of cities for 80 years of existence) and today is the leader of the domestic town-planning, in a complex solving problems at the most advanced level of preparation of documents.

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